Better together

It’s the 88th minute of the game. Each team has shot one goal. The goalkeeper kicks the ball next to you. You look around but there’s no teammate you could pass to. Maybe you can try to… You shoot. Goal! Your teammates start running towards you. You are the man of the match!

This is one moment you can only experience if you play soccer. Soccer is a teambased sport. You have to choose your role and position on the pitch. The most important thing is to play as a team. Fast combinations and clever tactics are the best way to win the game!

If you’re thinking of joining your local soccer club you should buy basic equipment to start: soccer shoes, sports clothes and shin protectors. At the beginning you should concentrate on playing easy balls.

But if you keep playing you will be a good soccer player in no time. And then you too will feel the “magic moments” of soccer!


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