Let’s start playing volleyball!

Many people in the world do sports. There are sports for teams, for two or just for one single person. But what is the best sport in the world?
For me it is definitely volleyball. Why? Because it is a perfect mixture of technical skills and team spirit. All volleyball players of one team have to be talented in a similar way. If one player is bad in that sport, the team is weak, because of him. In other sports like football you could avoid that player to take part at the match, but if you play volleyball every single player is included in the game.
That is the reason why I absolutely adore playing volleyball. The benefits are a strong team spirit and exciting games with lots of energy.
If you want to take it up, please be ambitious and don’t give up too early. Learning the techniques can take quite a long time. Practice makes perfect!
You will need some knee pads, because volleyball demands that you give it all.
If you keep this in mind, I’m sure you will love it just as much as I do.


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