The other way to fly

Riding a horse is so simple. Just get on the horse and let yourself be carried. That’s exactly what you think, isn’t it? But riding a horse is so much more. It is a unification of the rider and the horse and not quite as simple as you think. At times it can be hard work and very tiring.

But why do so many love this sport? Why don’t they play football or rugby or…?

Because it is a great sport and one of the few sports that includes animals. And it is very diverse. There are so many different ways of riding a horse. This is what makes riding so interesting.

Every day is new and different because horses are personalities and they can be easy-going one day, but moody and difficult the next. You can learn so many things if you work with them. But you should know that if you want to learn to ride a horse it can be difficult and frustrating and sometimes even dangerous when you fall off the horse. And you should be willing to not just blame your horse when things go wrong, but to scrutinise your own behaviour, too. 

And what do you need for riding? You’ll need a riding cap, breeches and riding boots. But to start with riding you can wear a crash hat, gym trousers and shoes with heels. And if you like you can wear riding gloves.

And one day you will gallop over a field thinking ‘It is like flying – just better! It is the other way to fly.