Film Review: James Cameron’s Avatar

‘Avatar? That’s just a film about big blue people living on a planet named Pandora.’ That was the first description of the film I heard and the reason why I didn’t intend to watch it. But then I watched it anyway, perhaps by chance. And it turned out to be  the first film where I was sorry that it actually had to end.

Even though it’s a science-fiction film there are other genres included: romance, action and fantasy. And in addition to this it reflects the human pursuit of wealth and power.

The plot is intriguing and surprisingly real:  In the year 2154 the earth’s resources are used up. So the company Resources Development Administrations starts to mine the precious resource Unobtanium. But the aboriginial people of Pandora, the Na’vi, resist the destruction of their environment.
Jake Sully, a USmarine, is sent to Pandora to replace his dead brother on a difficult mission: He has to persuade the Na’vi to leave their homeland and to give up their resistance with the aid of a simulated Na’vi-body, an Avatar.
At his first expedition as an Avatar Jake is separated from his group that went with him. At night he’s attacked by predators, but his Avatar is saved by Neytiri, a member of the clan of the Omaticaya. She takes him to her clan, where Neytiri’s mother, the clan’s spiritual leader, orders her daughter to initiate Jake into their society. After three month, Jake is a member of the clan and even though Neytiri didn’t like him at first they fall in love with each other. But Jake’s challenge is still in store for him…

I think the most fascinating thing about this film are the locations on the planet Pandora. The trees are unbelievably high, there are beautiful plants, coloured blue and green, and everything glows at night. It is pretty awesome that James Cameron, the director, is able to portray this perfect world in such a detailed way.

In addition to this the film is not only beautiful to look at but also amazing to listen to. The soundtrack reminds me of Indian folk music, but it’s made alien by electrical sound effects. This suggest that Pandora is very different from our world. I really love the soundtrack because it’s in line with every single scene.

Avatar is an awesome film, actually the best film I’ve ever seen. It’s not only a visionary science-fiction film, but also an appeal to humanity: We have to take care of our earth because we can’t just go to another planet and destroy everything there too. We have to start to not only look after ourselves but also care for other life around us. That’s why I’m so glad that I watched the film even though I didn’t plan to watch it – this had to be destiny.