A simple way to be happy

The best way to get in a good mood is to play volleyball. For when you have begun once, you don’t want to give it up.

But why is volleyball such a great sport? Well, I like it because it’s a team sport. You become one with your team when you’re playing against another team. It’s great fun to keep an eye on the ball so it doesn’t touch the ground. When you come home after playing volleyball you feel free and happy.

If you want to start playing volleyball in your free time you should study the various techniques before you take part in a real match. Make sure that you wear good, comfortable shoes and buy some protection for your shins.

So, why not give volleyball a try? Don’t hesitate, look for a club and ‘just do it’!


Thai boxing

Most people think of Thai boxing as a very brutal sport. But trust me this sport is not just a brutal sport and when you do it, you will experience lots of advantages.

So what are the advantages of this sport? In my opinion it’s a good way to get rid of aggression and stress by hitting the punching bag. Also, you gain a higher level of fitness. The most important point is that you learn to defend yourself against attacks.

If you’re thinking of taking it up yourself, don’t give up when you notice that the others are better than you, for example in sparring fights. Also make sure that you buy boxing gloves which fit well.

I hope you will see that Thai boxing is more than just a brutal sport once you have tried it yourself.

Better together

It’s the 88th minute of the game. Each team has shot one goal. The goalkeeper kicks the ball next to you. You look around but there’s no teammate you could pass to. Maybe you can try to… You shoot. Goal! Your teammates start running towards you. You are the man of the match!

This is one moment you can only experience if you play soccer. Soccer is a teambased sport. You have to choose your role and position on the pitch. The most important thing is to play as a team. Fast combinations and clever tactics are the best way to win the game!

If you’re thinking of joining your local soccer club you should buy basic equipment to start: soccer shoes, sports clothes and shin protectors. At the beginning you should concentrate on playing easy balls.

But if you keep playing you will be a good soccer player in no time. And then you too will feel the “magic moments” of soccer!

Let’s enjoy tea time

Are you stressed out after work or do you not have enough free time? Then the weekly tea time will be the perfect solution for you! 

When I come home after school, for me, there’s no better way to get rid of stress than having a nice cup of tea. I can think about things while I enjoy my nice, hot cup of tea together with a toast with Orange Marmelade and salted butter. It’s also a good opportunity to talk about the day.
If you would like to meet new people or enjoy a tea time than you’re most welcome to join us. You can  bring your friends too, the most important thing is to have fun and to have a good time.

Don’t be shy, just come along! You will make a lot of friends and have a lot of fun!